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Here is my Jodie Ann in our 5th Wheel taking a nap before her next try at the RATS during Earth Dog Trials, she's pooped!
My Sally Jo posing for Christmas with Mr. Stud Muffin Teddy Corbiere
This is my Sally Jo and Teddy's son Casey. Born 10-07. A Darling handsome fellow he is.
This is my Sally Jo and Teddy's daughter Madeline. Born 10-07. A beautiful little girl she is.
You tell how much Dexter loves his Santa Hat :-)
Billy Joe saying, "Aren't I Handsome, Mommie?"
Billy Joe saying, "Gee Whiz Mommy, are you done yet?"
Billy Joe saying, "Hmmm, how's this Mom?" All he needs is a Pipe in his mouth, LOL
Bill Joe saying, " What's that you say?" He is such a character, loves to pose!
Sarah Jane smiling. She loves to smile. You can always tell when she is in a bad mood, NO SMILING then, Ha! She is a Doll Baby!
Sarah Jane (left) & Billy Joe (right), laughing at me! Little Stinkers! Ha Ha!
Sarah Jane (left) & Billy Joe (right) saying, "Mom are you done picture taking yet? Hope So!" My pretty kids, aren't they?
This is Dolly. "Hello Dawlings, just look into the crystal ball and I will tell your future!"
Look at our Sally Jo ! She's waving at you! 10 weeks old 2005
Ok, so what now? Aren't I cute? Sally Jo @ 10 1/2 weeks old. 2005
Flora MacDonald giving her best Queen of Sheba imitation. Flora was Marian Bulger's alpha bitch. She's now owns Scott March in Washington. 08/2004.
Just look at Angus showing off his Holiday Bandana. I am so proud to be his breeder. He's a fine looking young Man!
Here is my Sarah Jane at 5 months old, as you can tell, she loves a mud bath, Ha!
Here is Crystal Rose at 1 1/2 years old. She is so beautiful and I'm proud to be her breeder
Here is Crystal Rose again saying, "So when do we go boating"? She loves the water! I'm so proud to be her breeder. She is the love of Her Mommy Carol P.'s life
Angus McTavish of Marin (on the right) with friend Ferguson on Loch Lomond breakwater San Rafael, Ca. Isn't he so handsome! 2004
Here is Meeko, my handsome fellow I bred. He lives in Las Vegas with D. & L Fontana. (8 months old)
Hi, I'm Tommy. (age 3 months) Look at me with my St. Patrick's Day scarf! My Jodie Ann & Michael's Son
Tommy @ 3 months- Check out my handsome profile!
Tommy - Being a Good Whittle Boy
Tommy deep in thought.
Handsome Tommy - Sitting up Posing - Jodie Ann & Michaels Son
Here is Katie (in red) a beautiful pup I bred, now a big girl and her adopted Brother Alex (in blue) they both temporarily live with their new Mom & Dad in Hong Kong during Dad's work dutys. Aren't they cute in their Chinese Duds!
Here is Little Mishka (Miss Personality) and her Grand Mum is my Mishka Ann. Her new Mom (Linda F.) says she has never forgotten how to give kiss's the way I taught her when she was a whee baby. Isn't she just beautiful!! Makes me proud to be her breeder.

Dinah, daughter of Mishka Ann and Michael

Here's Dexter, saying, "Well, aren't you going to let me outside to get that Squirrel"? (Dexter is Zoey and Michael's son) 3 yrs Years old as of July 20th, 02.
Dexter looking so handsome in his 4th of July dud's (Zoey and Michael's son)
Jodie Ann is our baby girl. When we say to her "She's the Baby," she gets all excited and runs to us for loving! She is getting over being afraid of the dark, as a "big and scary" owl tried to swoop down on her when she was just a young pup. Scared her and me both!! Now when it gets dark, she hops up on the window seat bench, and issues a very low "grrrrrr" telling that scary big owl to go away!! Ha!!
Here are my youngest girls, Zoey is the one with the blue Scarf and her sister is Jodie Ann with the red one. Don't they look like twins!! :-)

Michael (left) & De'Ja with son and daughter

Puppies at 8 weeks

Here is my Sarah Jane @ 2 years old (2005)

My Zoe Girl

Zoe (left) and Michael.

Sir Michael: "What's up Mom?"

This is Zoe's singleton pup Dexter. He's so handsome!

Earth Dog trials. My friend Carol Hamilton, the Judge, and me as the apprentice (redhead on the right).
"You want ME to go in their Mom"? Jodie Ann and me at the Earth Dog Trials 3-27-04, she needs MORE practice! Ha!

Linteo's Mishka Ann and son
Here's Mishka Ann and her son Seamus at 8 weeks old. Mishka Ann is my pretty lady and loves to play with her tennis balls and her Buster Cube toy, also enjoys chewing on her Galileo bone while sunbathing. To get attention she loves to do her Westie talk of rolling her R's and keen on getting her way. Favorite treats are cherry tomatoes, I often say, she'd run a mile for a tomato!

Picture of Linteo's Mishka Ann and son

Linteo's Mishka Ann

Linteo's Mishka Ann
Wearing a snappy sweater, this West Highland White Terrier is all dressed up for a night on the town.

Seamus McAdoo McGee Miller Mishka Ann's and Billy Joe's son.

Picture of Seamus McAdoo McGee Miller

Picture of Linteo's Sir Michael Has Doe Eyes and his son

Linteo's Sir Michael Has Doe Eyes and his son
(De'ja is the Mom)
Here's my camera shy, stud muffin. He runs when he sees a camera and to get him to smile when he sees or knows a camera is near is a definite challenge! Nothing that moves or wiggles within his eye shot has a chance with him; my little Man's a good hunter, true to his spirit!

Mishka Ann, DeJa, and Billy Joe with Mishka's son.
Mishka Ann, De'Ja, and Billy Joe with Mishka's son.

Linteo's Lass De'ja Fleur D'lye with her three daughters
Linteo's Lass De'ja Fleur D'lye with her three daughters.

Linteo's Lass De'ja Fleur D'lye
Here's De'ja waiting for her grooming to begin. She's a true sweetie. She just loves to be cuddled and refuses to be ignored! She's a good little hostess, as she greets you at the door with her favorite squeaky mouse toy while wiggling her behind, thus, her nickname (wiggle-butt). Her favorite treats are carrots and Nutro's Denta Bone biscuits.

Picture of De'ja Fleur d'lye

Picture of Linteo's Country Lad Billy Joe, 'I've got this spot'

Linteo's Country Lad Billy Joe, "I've got this spot"
(or Billy Joe "with friend")
Now here's a great Westie clown! My little guy loves to play Peek-a-boo and Hide-and-go-seek! Outdoors he's a soccer ball pro and loves his squeakie stuffies and tennis balls. When it comes to treats, he's not picky, he loves them all!

Little Mishka This is DeJa's daughter and Mishka Ann's grand daughter. Billy Joe is the proud daddy.

Picture of Little Mishka (1 year)

Picture of Linteo's Sir Michael has doe eyes.

Linteo's Sir Michael Has Doe Eyes My stud muffin.

Linteo's "Zoey" Kiss of Spring
She's my little happy girl and so full of mischief. Zoey's very clever, smart and a good huntress. We call her "Little Miss Houdini," as she is very clever at getting out of difficult situations that she may come across! A very playful girl with her squeaky toys, and loves carrots and apples.

Picture of Linteo's Zoey Kiss of Spring

Zoey at 12 weeks.

Linteo's "Zoey" Kiss of Spring Full of spunk at 12 weeks.

Mishka's and Michael's babies.

Mishka's and Michael's babies.

You can also see my Westies (West Highland White Terriers) in the WestiE-Card section! You might even spot a card there that is perfect for someone you know!

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