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This is Atticus Finch smelling the flowers while modeling his snazzy Bark-N-Purr Store Embroidery bandana, showing off his Westie Unite logo.

A note from Atticus Finch's Mommy:
Excellent experience working with Michele Ann. She is very accommodating and nice to boot!


Just wanted you to know I got the bandanas today and they're SOOOOO ADORABLE! I'm so impressed with the quality that I'll be ordering more since I have a total of 12 dogs! HA! Thanks again for making these and I'll also be ordering some as Christmas gifts


Michele Ann
The bandanas arrived yesterday (Monday). They look great, as always! GREAT JOB! Thanks for the quick shipment and also for the extra "GOODIES" in the package - I appreciate it! Have a wonderful Holiday! Our best to you and hugs to all the "fur-kids"!!


Hi Michele Ann
The package came today and the cap is just what I hoped it would be. The embroidery work is BEAUTIFUL, I will be ordering another hat from you down the line and if anyone here would like one, I'll put them on to your website. Best wishes and thanks, for a class "A" job.


Michele Ann,
I received my Order and they are great! I LOVE the sweatshirts, and that you made a little background on the off-white sweatshirt so that the Maltese would show up better. GREAT JOB! Thanks so much!


Hi Michele!
I received the sweatshirt the other day. It is beautiful!


3 Coton De Tulears wearing some St. Patrick's Day Bandanas they got "free" from Michele's Bark-n-Purr Store because their Mommy ordered some neat stuff from here. Aren't they adorable!!

I just wanted to thank you for the discount code. That was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Your toys came highly recommended from one of my close friends who has 2 Westies. I have a large mutt with big teeth and needs some good toys.

Darlene Nault

Michele Ann -- oh my goodness, I had a wonderful mail delivery today. The bandanas are just wonderful, and now I have a problem -- I don't know which one to use for Mandy's Christmas picture!! I do believe I'll take shots in all of them and then make the decision. I don't know which is my favorite, but I do especially love the cream/green check with the little Westie -- not surprising -- and you do such beautiful work. Thank you again for sending everything so quickly along with the extra "goodies."

Janet and Bailey

I just wanted to thank you for the discount code. That was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Your toys came highly recommended from one of my close friends who has 2 Westies. I have a large mutt with big teeth and needs some good toys.

Darlene Nault

Hi Michele,

I received Sydney's bandanas yesterday. It is perfect. I love it!!!! Also, thank you so much for the complementary bandana. it is darling! It will be her special Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. bandana. Again, thank you so much for everything. It is really a pleasure doing business with you & look forward to doing more in the future. Best Regards,


Look at my Westie pup "Little Man'" being entertained by his new Two Headed Snake purchased from your store.


I received my hat yesterday. I love it! It is exactly what I was hoping for. And thanks for throwing in the little "gifts" also. Katie will look great in the bandana. Thanks again.


[Here is Katie wearing one of the free Pet Playwear scarves that was included in Lori's order. Isn't Katie adorable!]

Dear Michele, Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived safely. I am listening to squeaking as I write. The dogs are having a great time. Thanks for the cute bandanna too.

Mary Ellen

Thanks Michele! The package was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work this morning. I really like the little pillows featuring the teddies - they make me smile! Thanks for the bandana and the soap - the first Christmas presents for my WT Mandy and me!


Hi Michele - Thanks so much. Received the order today and everything is so cute. What a nice thing you do and it must be fun for you, too, since you love fur-babies so much.


Yes!!! The Sweatshirt was a gift for my Mom, Bentley's "Gamma". She thought it was so beautiful that she cried when she got it. I can't tell you what a compliment that is. I will be giving you another order soon... and thanks so much. Your work is wonderful!


I just received the new purple shirt! Thank you so much! It is exquisite, and my mom will probably cry again (which is a good thing by the way). I really appreciate your work and how much goes into it.
Thanks again.


I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the special Westie Bandana's you contributed to the Rescue Bag at the MC! How very special! I was so surprised! Winnie has a dark navy with hearts and I love that it says I'm so happy! Thanks so much! Those are really special

Dee & Winnie

Hi , we are Katie & Alex, our Mom (Judy B.) just loves to surprise us with goodies from Michele's Bark-N-Purr Store and she loves the Embroidery Shirts from there to. Aren't we cute!

Hi, I'm Winnie and my Mom and I met and fell in love, I have my forever loving home now. Mom surprised me with a beautiful Crate Pad and Pillow Set from Michele's Bark-N-Purr Store and I just love it!

Thank you Michele for the lovely Westie items, they are truly beautiful and I can't wait to see my Mothers face when I give some of them to her. She will love them as much as I do. I was very impressed with your prompt and friendly service. The Embroidery is just fabulous.


Just wanted to say how much I LOVE my Boston shirts. Also, thanks for the treats for my puppers. They really like them a lot. And the scarf is very cute. They all had to try it on.
Thanks again!


ARF! Grrrrrr. ARF! ARF!

The Bonnie Dundee
Whiteapple Westies

Hi Michele: I just received the last order of toys from you and, as usual, they are absolutely adorable!! These toys are for a puppy and are puppy-sized and look puppy-tough (those baby teeth can be brutal). I would like to take this chance to tell you what a pleasure it is to order from you and to know, without a doubt, that my order will arrive quickly, will be the finest quality, and will withstand the treatment of my dog. I recommended your toys to a friend with a Jack Russell Terrier pup and she was as delighted as I am with the durability of the toys. This order was the 4th order I've placed for toys and bedding from you, some for my dog and some for gifts. I have enough confidence in your products to give them as a gifts. Thanks again for all you do and the wonderful way you do it.


Dear Michele, so glad someone referred me to your site. What a pleasure it is to traverse among the pages. Had a hard time choosing which toy I wanted this trip. They are all so cute but the Rat won this time :) Dugal and Annie (my Scottish Terriers) have a great time "chasing the rat" or having a tug-of-war. It is very well made and I and the furkids are very happy (wish you could hear the Growling and Barking in the background.!!!

Gail, Dugal 'n Annie

Just look at all these adorable Westie Kids modeling their Bark-N-Purr Store Embroidery bandanas featuring Westie Unite logos! A delightful group representing their club

Michele Just wanted you to know that the shirt and tote arrived. I LOVE them. Great job. Thanks so much. (also enjoyed the little goodies you put in there too).


Michele Ann,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my dog's St. Patrick's day toys in the mail today. they are just about the "cutest toys I have seen on the internet". I wished I had stumbled onto your web site a lot sooner. I was a little afraid the toys would be kind of small for my dog. I have a big old bulldog, but she acts like a puppy. but they are the perfect size for her. I know she is especially going to like the two headed snake, because she loves to play tug. I also wanted to thank you for providing such prompt and courteous service. and I hope to do business with your company again in the near future.

two very satisfied customers,
Nancy and Opal Kuehn

Anne's Westies wearing  Michele's bandanas

Here are Ann's darling Westie kids modeling their New Embroidered Bandanas made for them by Michele Ann of Michele's Bark-n-Purr Store & Embroidery. Ann and her kids are very pleased with their new Bandanas. Aren't they adorable!!

Michele Ann
I LOVE the Easter Egg. It fits just right in the spot I wanted to put it in. It looked like it would, but you never really know until you get it. The EMBROIDERY IS BEAUTIFUL! I had to write and tell you how happy I am with your FAST and friendly service, and your products.

P.S. And thanks for the goodie bag

Thanks for the great bag and your thoughtfulness of design. Always fun with the goodies. Thanks again,


My Westie and Scottie love your toys and they are very durable! Haven't had one tear yet and they play tug of war with them constantly. My Scottie loves to get hold of only the snakes tongue and try to take the rest of the snake away from my Westie... and she has almost taken it away several times. It is amazing that the snakes tongue is not in shreds or completely gone!

Teresa Latham

Hi Michele Ann:
Thank you for the sweatshirt. My wife really likes it. And Oliver loves his pad and the nice bandana you included. He wore it yesterday on his walk. You have a great store, and I will visit it again.


I received the package today with the mat and the other goodies. Thank you for everything. I have it in the crate now so they can be comfortable when they are in there. The only problem was Cuddles thought it was a toy for him but then he thinks everything is for him. I gave him the scarf to wear. You did a great job with it.


Michele, I got the bandanas and leash set. Just love them. And, also, thanks for the freebies. Attie needed a St. Paddy's Day bandana. I'll take a pic for his dogster photo.


I would like to thank you again for your promptness in delivery. The 'kids' are having a ball with their new toys. My German Shepherd is a tennis ball freak so the fact that you substituted a DOUBLE ball toy has made her twice as happy. My beagle looks adorable in the free scarf... thank you, thank you. And, apparently, there's some pretty strong catnip in the cat toy. I had to wrestle the box away from my little Gracie, as she had wrapped her entire body around it, letting everyone know that it was hers and hers alone... LOL!

Thank you so very much; it was a pleasure associating with you. Hoping to do it again in the near future...



Susan, Rascal and Rocky

I received my order and my “Babies” are delighted with their new pillows, crate pads and toy!!!! Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be placing future orders with you.

Teresa Latham

Hi, Michele! Just wanted to thank you so much for my two bandanas! They turned out great and I just love them both! Thanks also for the 4th of July sample!


Here is my "Little Man" again, playing with the famous "two headed snake toy" ! He loves it so much as you can tell.


Michele!!!!!!! The order just arrived and everything is soooooooo perfect!!!! I'm wearing my hat right now just because lol. Sparky loves his new toys and is busy introducing them to his herd as we speak. The pillow are exquisite. You do such wonderful work!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the St. Patrick's Day Danner it will be just perfect as well as the guest soap. You were reading my mind because I was just starting to plan for the occasion. The magnet is a treasure and it was so kind of you to add the "10% discount for our next order." We can't thank you enough, HUGS.

Sparky & Patti

My Westie boy, Percy loves your rats!

Bonhaven Scottish Terrier Rescue

Thank you so much, Michelle. You are so sweet to do all that extra stuff for me! "Great customer service" is such a rarity these days :-)


Hi Michele: I got the Ted and Alice tote today. I like it a lot. You did a "great job". Thanks again for the tote. AND, thanks for the bandana. I am keeping it for Katie. She tried it on, and she looks beautiful, of course. Not that I am a biased Mommy, or anything. Happy Holidays!


I washed George the Bear today and he came out so nice. My wolfie loves him.

Darlene and Wolfie

Thanks Michele! I received my order and thanks for the "Free" gingerbread soap and scarves for my two babies. The scottie and westie ornaments looked great with their names, too. Merry Christmas!

Janet, Muffin, and Minkie

Hi, I'm Dusty and looking spiffy in my "free" pet playwear scarf I got from Michele's Bark-N-Purr Store. My Mom (Cathy M.) loves to shop for me and herself too!

I purchased the Westies Westies crate pad with my Dusty's name embroidered on it. I love it and so does Dusty! It's so cute and soft! It has become his "special blankie". Thank you, Michele! We love your store and tell everyone we know about it. Being a Westie owner and lover, I had to have an embroidered Westie T-shirt! It was so adorable, that I ended up buying 2 more (different patterns) for my daughters! Thank you, Michele! We love your store!

Cathy Mahalik

Hi Michele, Both packages came. I love the pillow and Boomer our Welsh Terrier loves his two new toys. He had the same from you two years ago but they had been loved to death so the new ones are being loved now. Thank you for the nice extras. Like always wonderful service and product. Warm regards.

Ingrid with Roddie, Nicky, Kyla (Scotties) and Maddie and Boomer Welshies

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I have received my hat in the mail and I absolutely love it. You do a very nice job. The westie looks a lot like my little girl and the bow just like her red collar she wears. Thanks again!


I have always found Michele to be great to work with and she has bent over backwards to help. When I ordered the "rats" they were a cat toy. I ordered it and told her what I wanted it for and without a second thought she came back with "I can make it without catnip" I love that attitude.

I got two of the rats and I am trying to get into training, he will do almost anything that he can for a few seconds of play with them. He carries them around, shakes them and licks like they are his baby. I will and have ordered more. When friends come over and bring their dogs they grab on to the rat and the bone if they are down.

Michele has always been easy to work with and I get the toys in a timely manner. They hold up better than any other toys that I have gotten for him. I can say that I am as pleased as I can be, and will order from Michele again.

Eleanor & McCalum

The Rat Toy is unbelievable!!!! I have spent SO very much money on all kinds of toys for my two,  to only see them destroyed in a matter of hours!!! Not your  Rat Toys!!!! How durable they are and how cute it is to see my two walk around with them in  their mouths...the tail out of one side and the head out of the other!!

Jane & furkids Maggie and Callie

Otto LOVES his new rat. He didn't put it down all night, except when we went for our walk, and he didn't want to even then! All we heard from him all evening was, "Squeak, squeak, squeak." :) Thanks again!

Jody & Otto (what other toys?)

The "Jimmy" the two headed snake toy was a hit.! I had to put it up for now as both dogs want it. Angus loves it!!

Lori & Angus

The pads are really nice and Sweet Sunny got one to sleep on because she had to suffer through a bath and needed some recompense. The toys are the cutest yet, I swear. I do have a problem, though with Dundee Dangerous Daddy Dog doing his ears sideways, cougar crouching, deep snarling routine over a yellow ducky. I hope the other fellas don't find out.

Marian Bulger

Dear Michele Ann,
Thank you very much! I received the package yesterday. The dogs loved the George toy and the pillow is beautiful


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